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I am reaching out to anyone who is apprehensive of going to a chiropractor.   I left Dr. Jodi’s office a couple of weeks ago.  Next I had to see my neurologist for a nerve conduction test.   Turns out I had a test two years ago.   Was told to have back surgery by many doctors.   I was not in favor of surgery.   My test came back as I had improved over the 2 years since I had the test done before and since starting chiropractic care.  My doctor even told me that I did not need surgery.   My Dr. Jodi is a master at  her craft.  I never would have thought going to the chiropractor would have given me so much help.  Praise God!  I  attribute the change to the best chiropractor out there!   Try chiropractic help before you have surgery.   I never wanted drugs or some other “cures”.   Your own body will heal itself !   Have faith and believe !!!  There are other great options!   Do not choose surgery unless there is no other choice.  Grateful in Niagara Falls!!